Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goverre: Your To Go Cup With Class

 If you are anything like me who was a cheerleading mom, or a soccer mom or dad, going to your child's sporting event or just going to the beach....where there are no glass allowed, heck no alcohol. What do you do? Me, I filled up Melanie's Elmo sippy cup she got from Sesame Place with wine and went to practice. Whether you agree with this or not, how many times have you been challenged with wanting to pour a glass of wine somewhere where it wasn't acceptable or should I rephrase it where the container (cup or glass) wasn't acceptable. All that has changed with Goverre.  Goverre is an "adult to go cup" with class, yes because it's glass. It's glass with a silicone sleeve and lid for no spills and great taste.
Regan and Shannon met when their kids were in pre-school together. Friendship turned into days or evenings at the beach in Southern California enjoying a glass of wine in a  red Solo cup. They thought there has to be a better way where they can drink out of a glass and not plastic. They put their heads together, purchased materials and made something that looked like a 2nd grade craft project.

They sought out an engineer to work with and started the process. Goverre is set to be released in October 2014 for $20 per glass in 4 colors. Listen to the podcast below to hear  more on the evolution of Goverre. From the design phase to kickstarter to production.

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