Monday, April 9, 2012

Whitecliff Vineyards Vertical Chardonnay Tasting

I took part in a vertical tasting of Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery's Chardonnay.  I am going to read you off the notes I have from the tasting.  We also tasting the 2011 from the barrel.

2006 - This Chardonnay came from Whitecliff's estate and  Laurel Lake in Long Island.  Nose of lemon curd and was very flavorful
2007 - It's not dead yet, but it's marching.
2008 - Estate Bottled.  Nose of honeysuckle.  The second swirl is all honey.  On the palate there was hints of almonds.  Picked at brix of 22 and ph of 3.5
2009 Higher acid and good balance.  Taste of oak.
2010 Aromas are fresh with a hint of  bitterness on the finish
2011 Awesome nose with strong hints of butter.  Palate a bit oaky and a little green but that will be racked out.

Going into the tasting I honestly thought the 2006 would be the one I liked the least, but it is really holding its own quite well.   It was interesting to see the comparisons in age as well as location of the grapes used.

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